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The TRUSTED Source for your Asphalt needs



Vital SealCoating, LLC is a family owned and operated full service parking lot maintenance company.  We offer a full line of services from pothole repair to sealcoating to custom parking lot line striping.  We provide commercial and residential service.


We have one simple goal, to solve the needs and problems of our clients.  Years of EXPERIENCE has allowed us to hear the problems clients have faced in the past, we are here to solve those problems.

Our mission is simple, we want to simplify the complicated process of managing pavement assets for our clients.  We do this through INNOVATIVE proprietary processes that provide our clients with the data needed for them to make informed and educated decisions.  


We operate under a K.I.S.S. methodology.  We Keep It Simple, we provide our clients with what they want and need, we operate with integrity, we do what we say, we communicate simply and clearly taking the time to educate our clients where needed, we respond quickly and promptly to communication requests from our clients, and when there is a problem.... WE RUN TO IT not away from it.  In our experience these are some of the most important and underserved qualities in a contractor, by adhering to this methodology we are generally able to exceed our clients’ expectations...

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